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Lace Affair Review

Great Price Range

pictures not overload & graphics

slide show ads

Links:New Arrivals

Winter Essentials

Con't Lace Affair..

On the website there are sweaters

rings sale

The lookbook is a link to the Look Book

it has 2 large photos side by side.

The price range of the dresses ae betwen $39-$59

Also there is shipping on orders $80 or more.

The overall appearance of the webpage is user friendly

The website has a white background with a light green lace at the top of the page.Also when you click on the product categorie the text border turns pink.

You can also check the order status, email address and order number.

The website has a section for general questions regarding order.shipping and returns and refunds.

Overall is user friendly, nice photos.There is a place to link page to facebook & twitter.

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