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As a Pioneer Basement Waterproofing affiliate, you can provide prospective clients with the peace of mind of confidently knowing the status of their basement. Whether it is protected from wetness and suitable for future refinishing/storage or what will be required to bring it to acceptable standards.

As a Pioneer Basement Waterproofing affiliate, we will meet with you, and your client if appropriate, at the homesite and perform a complete soil and hydrology inspection FREE of Charge. Alternately, have your building sites "certified" by our staff and present prospective clients with a Waterproofing Assessment Certificate on each of your building sites. Provide that extra care that can help make a sale!

As a Pioneer Basement Waterproofing Affiliate, we will present a short seminar on the problems of wet basements and the different methods available to solve these problems. Also, members of your force are welcome to attend a brief seminar and tour our in-house training facility. These opportunities offer to greatly increase your knowledge of wet basements and available solutions.