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Lawn Chair Ideas for the Deck & Yard 

Choosing the Perfect Lawn Chair...

can be mind boggling. It really depends what you plan to do with your chair! It does not have to be a chore....

Detemine if you want to put the chair around a table put on a lawn or ona deck. Some choices of the lawn chair can be...
- folding chairs :

are not always the most comfortable but as long as the chair and table and the set up is creative and your guest are having a good time chilling at the table probably with an umbrella built into the table you can pull it off.

- portable: carry with you to the beach, outdoor or to an event.

-heavy duty and wooden lawn chairs: for the porch and the yard. Try adding an outdoor plant next to the wooden chair & give it the personality for your guest....Also set the chair in your yard with another wooden chair side by side and invite your neighbor. Just have a good time.

- metal chair: sturdy but also this chair may rust and just make sure you waterproof your chair.

- rocking chairs : rock yourself to sleep and sit back and enjoy a movie on the porch or in your back yard.

-lawn chaise lounges: kick back ,put your feet up and imagine you are at the beach.

chose the type of chair and take in consideration the type of guest you invite over 
and the type of event you are having. Remember it is for the whole family to enjoy!

Here are some tips for keeping your lawn chair clean and protected during rainey weather.....

- use an cleansing solution for outside furniture.

- clean often and make sure you wipe down the chairs after you spilled something on cloth chairs and vacuum pillows on your chairs.

- bring your chair in the storage area when the weather starts to change.

Sit down relax on your lawn chair!